Some See a Plane. We See a Package.

Our team was sitting on the tarmac in Seattle recently, and while staring out the window saw an Alaska Airlines plane completely covered in Disney® and Pixar® characters. At that moment, a light bulb went off: the plane we were staring at was one big, beautiful package.

We design packaging at L&A, so granted, we tend to notice it everywhere we look. And this example does what all good packaging should—it holds the product Alaska Airlines sells—travel, comfort, safety, fun—both literally and figuratively. As a package, the Alaska Airlines plane is as much a part of the Alaska experience as the flight itself.

To appreciate the distinction of Alaska’s themed planes, let’s take a look at the Alaska Airlines standard design: it’s clean, mostly white, with the distinctive wordmark on the body and Eskimo graphic on the tail.

The themed planes really stand out in contrast, yet don’t dilute brand identity in the process. A variety of wildly illustrated designs reflect partnerships, sponsorships, and commemorations. The Disney “Cars” plane is the fifth in that series, and was used during a Make-A-Wish® Foundation event to fly children and their families to Disneyland® for a holiday.

Other themed packages include planes promoting the Portland Timbers soccer team, the state of Hawaii and its “Spirit of the Islands,” and wild Alaska seafood. These planes are essentially flying billboards that touch down in airports not only on the West Coast but also around the country. The artwork on both the Timbers plane and the Spirit of the Islands plane was generated through “Paint-the-Plane” contests, providing another promotional opportunity for the airline.

Alaska Airlines’ fresh take on packaging works effectively to attract attention, promote the airline’s sponsorships and partnerships, and of course, reinforce the Alaska Airlines brand.

What are you selling and how can its package be more clever, impactful and engaging? Give us a call and we’ll tackle that question together.




Alaska Air’s standard plane design with their distinctive wordmark and Eskimo illustration.





Themed plane promoting the partnership with Disney and Make-A-Wish Foundation to fly families to a Disneyland holiday.


Promotional partnering with the Portland Timbers soccer team. This is a winner from their ‘Paint-the-Plane’ contest.


Another themed plane for the state of Hawaii and its ‘Spirit of the Islands’ promotion.


Creatively designed plane for the partnership with Alaska Seafood.