Do You Have a Sharp Knife in Your Drawer?

I’ve been catching up on home projects this fall. Some can be completed using simple, multipurpose tools. Others, however, have been sidetracked because I don’t have the right tool to complete the work.

That’s when I realized how often we’re faced with this dilemma in our professional lives. How many times do projects get sidelined because we’re not sure who or what we need to get it done? And how many times have we settled for a jack-of-all-trades when we really needed someone with a specific skillset to help us?

When choosing service providers–whether it’s a creative agency, a legal team, or even an accounting firm–there are two ways you can go: generalist or specialist.

The generalist is like a pocketknife—it’s convenient, affordable, and can do lots of simple tasks quickly and easily. It’s great for opening your latest Amazon delivery, for example, but you’re not going to use it to carve your holiday turkey. Sometimes, what you need isn’t a multipurpose tool, but a fine, sharp knife—a specialist.

Choose a specialist when:
• You want the most direct route to the right solution
• You need someone with the relevant experience to guide you
• You want to make sure you’re fixing the right problem
• You want the best results for the greatest value

At L&A we’ve been providing specialized creative services for more than 20 years. Because of our experience, we’re able to move projects forward quickly by tapping our deep industry knowledge and proven processes to develop solutions that work.

A friend once told me something is “expensive” only when its cost exceeds its value. And I’ve always found the value of a fine, sharp knife to be priceless.

Let’s talk about how we can bring a finer point to your next project.



For strong results, brand specialists always develop a Creative Brief to target project objectives plus key data about your audience and competition.