Creating a Social Media Presence That’s Both Manageable and Sustainable

A few years ago we said ‘Enough excuses!’ and began applying the recommendations we give our clients to our own social media marketing. The process has been a great training ground and we’re pleased to share that it’s not as hard as you think.

What we’ve learned about creating a social media presence:

Limit Your Time Investment

At L&A we spend only two hours per week connecting with clients and prospects via social media. How can you keep time invested to a minimum?

  • Choose the right social media channels. You need only those that reach your audience. If you don’t know, ask your customers what they use consistently. Look at what your competition is doing. (We use LinkedIn and Twitter, and a monthly e-news blast, to bring people to our blog posts and website. We write about topics related to branding, editing text slightly to speak to both our LinkedIn and Twitter followers.)
  • Develop a 12-month topics list and social media content calendar with your team to ensure you’re on top of things. Both the tools and sharing the process will support your effort to consistently publishing high-quality, high-performing pieces. You can find free content calendar templates online.
  • Don’t overdo it. The goal is to strike a balance between informative and annoying. You can adjust this as you receive feedback from your audience. We’ve found that sharing useful content monthly is the right balance to keep us in touch. It’s also helpful to work with a content strategist and writer to clarify your topics and achieve the right voice for your brand.

Tailor Content to the Future of Your Business

Use social media to push your business in directions you want it to go, not just where you’ve been. For example, you can write content specifically for a new industry and measure interest and viability. This can provide valuable information as you plan and execute business goals.

Find New Clients

Follow prospects in industry newsletters and let them know you’re informed about their business. We tweet to say “congratulations!” when a prospect receives an award or recognition and always receive a “Thank you!” tweet and retweet. Best of all, the prospect often becomes a new L&A follower.

Engage Existing Customers

Good social media content affirms your client’s decision to partner with you and demonstrates that you know more about what you’re talking about than the competition does. Plus, you stay top-of-mind by consistently sharing content. Once you choose a topic, you can edit the content for various social media sites. This gives clients following you on multiple channels more opportunities to engage with your content.

Personalize Your Brand by Sharing Team Photos or Stories

Show who you are as a company. People enjoy doing business with people and you’ll further distinguish your company from your competition.

Can your social media efforts benefit from what we’ve learned? Let’s talk about how L&A can help you build your brand’s presence with outstanding results.



Create a content calendar to simplify your process and ensure you reach your followers consistently.


Remember to humanize your brand. People enjoy doing business with people.

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