4 On-Brand Windows You’ll Wish You Dreamed Up Yourself

While online shopping is becoming more and more prevalent, we’re delighted many bricks-and-mortar retailers are still creating amazing window displays. And there are good reasons for them to do it.

Online sales are cutting into in-store sales. Almost half (46 percent) of all holiday shopping this year will be done online. For bricks-and-mortar shops to hang on to their piece of the pie, street-facing windows must grab customers’ attention and bring them into the store.

Once inside, approximately 45 percent of purchases are made on impulse. Getting customers to step in is critical in order to leverage this statistic.

A successful window display creates a unique holiday experience while staying true to a brand’s core values. Holiday windows make us smile, create a warm feeling about a brand, and often become an experience we share with family and friends. It’s hard to deny the magic of a powerful window display when you recall Ralphie–with his nose pressed against the glass at Higbee’s department store–coveting the Red Ryder BB gun.

We’ve gathered photos of our favorite holiday windows from 2015, including Apple, Henri Bendel, Anthropologie, and Tiffany & Co. Each entertains, showcases product, and reinforces the brand’s promise.

Come along for a little (virtual) holiday window shopping!























Everything about Apple’s display is on-brand. It’s product-focused, filled with white space, and shows heart and soul.


This window features elegant miniature street scenes showcasing Tiffany jewelry. Iconic blue boxes with their red holiday ribbons make the presentation unmistakable.


Anthropologie’s brand is staked on romance, bohemian style and whimsical creativity. All three are on display for this fanciful retailer.






Henri Bendel knows how to showcase their hometown of NYC. Here they pay homage to American caricaturist Al Hirschfeld, and include famous New Yorkers Woody Allen, Liza Minnelli and Carol Channing, to name a few. The brand’s signature black and white stripes and iconic shopping bags punctuate the display.